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Hi there!

Serafine here, I founded Elementary during my Physics degree at Leiden University.

Elementary started as a game for physicists to play during their coffee break – for professors, researchers and students. It’s quick, fun, and a brilliant way to share your passion with like-minded people.

Because Elementary is so easy to learn, it quickly expanded beyond the university terrain. Scientific institutes, companies and events use Elementary to share their passion with colleagues. And numerous high schools are now using Elementary to make particle physics more accessible to students.

Our vision

Elementary’s vision is to close the gap between scientists and non-scientists, by providing a game that is fun for both.

For scientists, Elementary is an interactive, scientifically correct and quick game. Great to play with colleagues, but also the perfect way to share your scientific passion with your friends and family.

For non-scientists, Elementary shows that physics is not as scary as it seems. You’ll be able to play around with elementary particles and energy-mass conversion within minutes, requiring zero physics knowledge.

All cards and interactions are scientifically correct and you can read more about these fascinating principles at the Game Rules page. But even if you don’t, we know for sure you’ll still learn something.

Even if it’s just pronouncing anti-electronneutrino.

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