Elementary: a physics game

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Play around with quarks, leptons, bosons and Einstein’s E=mc² within minutes, no prior knowledge required.

Get to know the elementary particles and anti-particles by combining them into sets based on their characteristics. But be careful: when a particle and anti-particle meet… boom!💥 They annihilate. This can mess up your plans, but you can also use annihilation to destroy your opponents’ sets…

To win the game, it doesn’t matter whether you get your points from particles or from energy. Because E=mc².

  • Scientifically correct, validated by international physics institutes
  • Zero physics knowledge required: anyone can play!

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  • 37 playing cards
  • 12 energy chips
  • English game rules (+ free PDF downloads for NL, EN, FR, DU, IT)

Practical information

  • Ages 14+
  • 2 – 4 players
  • approx. 15 minutes per game

8 reviews for Elementary: a physics game

  1. David

    Adored by both me (a physics student) and my housemates (definetely not physics students). Probably the most fun way to get non physics interested people to listen to my physics ramblings!

  2. Noëlle

    Super leuk en leerzaam ondanks dat ik zelf niks met natuurkunde, wetenschap of rekenen heb Snap ik het heel erg goed en steek je er ook wat van op! Zeker een aanrader voor een spelletjes avond of voor een bijlesje. veelzijdig spel!

  3. Dr. Federica Galli

    Super cool game with absolutely gorgeous looking cards. I loved it as a nerd but my non-scientists friends I played it with LOVED IT TOO!

  4. prof. dr. ir. S.J. van der Molen

    Most importantly, Elementary is a fun game that can be played with friends and family without any pre-knowledge. It reminded me somewhat of Exploding Kittens. But in contrast to the Kittens game, in Elementary you also learn something fascinating while playing: about the elementary particles that constitute our universe. Moreover, you get to know their family tree! Highly recommended!

  5. Prof. dr. Ivo van Vulpen

    What a marvellous game! Excellent design and so much fun to play. Also for non-physicists.

  6. Fabienne

    Elementary is een prachtig spel en goede toevoeging aan het kwartet genre. Sterker nog, het gaat een stapje verder waarbij je nieuwe acties kan uitvoeren die natuurkundig verklaard worden. Ik vind het een onwijs tof en leerzaam spel en ben onder de indruk van de samenkomst van het spel en educatie element.

  7. Louke

    It’s such a fun simple game! A lot of people who I played with were scared because they “didn’t know anything about physics” but learned soon enough that it was not necessary for the gameplay. It’s mostly a recognition factor for physicists and people who know it, but you definitely do not need extensive knowledge to play this game! It plays like quartets, but because you can “blow up” your opponents progress, it solves one of the biggest issues that quartets has, which is that halfway through the game you already know who the winner will be. So I would definitely recommend it!

  8. Danäe

    I would highly recommend this game to anyone. It really doesn’t matter if you know a lot about physics or not at all (like me). The rules are easy to understand and once you start the game, you quickly begin to see some tricks to (try to) win.

    It is an interactive game, with the right strategy and memory you can get the cards you need from your opponent(s) and complete a set. You can also try to sabotage eachother by annihilating their sets and BOOM their points are gone! The design of the game is very recognisable and the colours are very vibrant, which makes it even more fun to play.

    Brilliant, creative and exciting way to get to know a bit more about physics!

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